Group Sessions

This page contains information on the Group Taster, Coaching, Social, and Beginner's Workshops Sessions.
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Our Group Sessions

The Welsh Padel Centre (WPC) runs a number of regular group sessions. The current ones are listed below.

Please Note: Padel is not about strength. Men and women can and do play together regularly on an equal footing. We make no distinction between men and women in our group sessions.

All sessions must be booked and paid for in advance. Late cancellation will result in forfeit of the payment.

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Taster Sessions

Taster Sessions are now paused for summer. They will resume in September

Taster Sessions give you a low cost, low risk opportunity to experience playing padel and 'dipping a toe in the water' to see whether you want to play a bit more. Each hour's session is limited to 6 people, and we supply all the kit (i.e. rackets and balls) you need. You just need to turn up wearing sensible trainers.

Please sign up via The Welsh Padel Shop (opens in a new tab) .

Group Coaching Sessions

In addition to one-to-one coaching (meet our coaches), the centre offers regular group coaching sessions delivered by a senior Tennis Wales coach. These sessions occur approximately once per month on Saturday mornings and are generally a two hour session delivering coaching technique (supported by drills) followed by tactical development (supported by guided matchplay). Costs are of the order of £10 per hour per person although the duration and cost depend on the numbers attending. To register an interest and be added to the coaching WhatsApp group, please contact us and we will put you in touch with the organisers.

Social Sessions

Sunday morning social sessions!

Social Sessions give you an opportunity to play with others and meet new people. People are paired up randomly (padel is a doubles game) and will play another pair. Each session has a limited number of players and you will rotate to ensure that everyone gets game time and plays with different people. It's a great way to meet new players and get your daily step count up. We supply all the kit (i.e. rackets and balls) if needed.

Social Sessions are available to members and their guests only. Sunday mornings (10:00am - 11:30am) cost £ 4.00. Details on how to sign-up are below.

The sessions are booked via Acebook, the online booking system. Simply go to the date you want to book, click on the session you want to join (select the blue block on 'Court 2'), a window will pop-up and you will be able to join (if numbers permit). If they don't permit, you will be automatically added to a waiting list. Payment is through the Acebook system and therefore will use credit in your online wallet if you have it. Cancellation (which must be 24 hrs in advance) is conducted the same way (i.e. by clicking on the session) and clicking the red x next to your name. In the event of cancellation more than 24 hrs before the session you will automatically be credited.

Beginner's Workshops

Beginner's Workshops are a great way to gain confidence and develop your racket skills. Led by an experienced padel player, the objective of these workshops is to give you the hitting practice you need to have the confidence and ability to participate in social padel with friends or other club members.

Sessions are run when there is demand and cost £10.00 per person with a maximum of eight people per session. If this is of interest please register your interest with us and we will try and put together a session.

You do not have to be a member of the centre to participate. Cancellation must be at least 24 hrs in advance.

Note: if you are not a member of The Welsh Padel Centre your participation in these sessions is subject to these terms and conditions - opens in a new tab.

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It was excellent. Really enjoyed the session! He was such a great coach and made us understand the game really well.

Really enjoyed the session! The coach was great; really informative and friendly!

It was obvious that the coach knows his stuff. I’m glad that he was teaching us the basics even if we have played racket sports before.

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