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Details of the Welsh Padel Open

Everything you need to know about the Welsh Padel Open

The first ever dedicated padel tournament in Wales, The Welsh Padel Open 2023, is complete.
Results are on the tournament page on the LTA website (opens in a new tab).

Check back here for an updated page in the next week or so!

The First in Wales

Welcome to information on the Welsh Padel Open 2023 - the first ever dedicated padel tournament in Wales. Hopefully, this page will give you the answers to any questions you may have.

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What is it?

The Welsh Padel Open is an LTA approved Grade 3 padel tournament being run by the Welsh Padel Centre over the late May bank holiday weekend, 27th - 29th May. The tournment will be run to LTA guidelines and comprises three categories:

  • Mens Open
  • Ladies Open
  • 100+ event - pairings must have a cumulative age of 100+ with a minimum age 45 e.g. 45 year old with a 58 year old = 103. Pairings can be Mixed, Men or Ladies

Entries are limited to 16 pairs per category. Entry fee is £15 per person (£30 per pair). Prizes per category are TBD. As this is an official LTA approved event, certain rules and terms & conditions are mandated by the LTA. Please view the tournament on the LTA website (opens in a new tab) for details including the LTA rules governing the tournament.

Who can enter?

The Welsh Padel Open is open to all entrants. However, in the event that a category is oversubscribed, preference will be given to those with an official LTA padel ranking. Depending on the numbers entering a qualifying event may be held prior to the tournament.

What is the format?

The Welsh Padel Open will follow a traditional tournament format. Seeds will be allocated based on LTA rankings 7 then pairs drawn to determine their location in the table. The scoring format will be two full sets (to 6 games) with a 'traditional' tiebreaker at 6-6 to seven points. If tied at the end of two sets, the third set will comprise of a match tiebreaker to 10 points.

How do I enter?

Enter now via the tournament page on the LTA website (opens in a new tab). Closing date for entries is Monday 22nd May.


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